Call of Duty: Cold War ATL (CWATL) Qualifier Handbook


Qualifiers 8-64 Teams, 2v2 Search and Destroy Call of Duty Cold War

+ Randomly seeded Bo3 single elimination bracket (cross platform)
+ Grand Finals is Bo5
+ 3rd/4th place match and finals are Bo3, must play out for seeding
+ 4 losing teams in quarter finals will face off for the #5 spot, admins will notify these teams of maps
+ Top 5 Teams of Q1 and Q2 advance to Championship
+ Top 6 Teams of Q3 advance to Championship+ Teams who lose in QTR finals will battle it out for 5th and 6th placements


Check Ins

Check in begins 1 hour before the tournament starts, Registration closes 1hr before the tournament starts. We advise that teams check in on both the website and discord area (#atlopen-team-names-n-discord) incase issues arise so admins can help If your team does not check in, your team will not be seeded


Map Pool

Search and Destroy (CDL Rules + GAs enforced) Maps + Rounds

+ Moscow
+ Checkmate
+ Raid
+ Express
+ Crossroads

R1 maps  - Raid, Crossroads, Checkmate
R2 Maps  - Express,Moscow, Crossroads
R3 Maps  - Crossroads, Raid, Express                                                                     R4 Maps -Moscow, Express, Checkmate
Finals - Crossroads, Express, Raid, Moscow , Checkmate
3rd place - Moscow, Express, Checkmate

CDL SND Rules -


GA Rules

+ NO KILL STREAKS/Score Streaks, No Keyboard and Mouse
+ GA Attachments: KGB Eliminator, Socom Eliminator, Silencers, Thermals, Task Force Barrel
+ Body Attachments, no mag rounds for 74u
+ Items: Molotovs, Tomahawks, Stims, Jammers, Smokes, PROXIMITY MINES, FIELD MICS, GAS GRENADES, Smoke, stuns
+ GA Perks: Gearhead,Gung-Ho
+ GA Wildcards: Perk Greed, NO Dual Primaries with Lawbreaker
+ GA Weapons: 1911, Tactical Rifles, Magnum, KSP 45, AK-47, XM4, Snipers, QBZ , NO DLC Weapons (Mac 10, LC 10, etc)

Maps for each round will be determined by CODATL administration.
Maps will be either above bracket or in the discord channels


Lobby Host & Side Selection

Enter the Private Match Custom Game lobby > Change Mode > CDL Search and Destroy


+ Higher seed BLUE (team on top/left) hosts games 1, 3 and 5 if applicable
+ Lower seed RED (team on bottom/right) hosts games 2 and 4 if applicable
+ The team who is not the lobby host has starting side selection
+ MATCHES TO BEGIN between 6:45 - 6:50PM ET

If you don’t check in on #atlopen-team-names-n-discord you will not be allowed to play


Streamed Match IDs to ADD

+ ClickGaming1986#9098109

+ ClickGaming2505#9571118

+ ClickGaming3793#4716361

+ ClickGaming4323#9617337

+ ClickGaming5456#3790712

+ ClickGaming6441#3577233


Qualifier Schedule

3 single day qualifier events, Registration closes 1 hour before Events start

+ Qualifier #1 - Thursday, April 8th - event start 6:30pm ET
+ Qualifier  #2 - Thursday, April 15th - event start 6:30pm ET
+ Qualifier  #3 - Thursday, April 22nd - event start 6:30pm ET


Prize pools (Split 70%/20%/10%) per team

Q1 - $175 - 1st $122.50 2nd $35 3rd $17.50
Q2 - $175 - 1st $122.50 2nd $35 3rd $17.50
Q3 - $175 - 1st $122.50 2nd $35 3rd $17.50
Finals - $500 - 1st $350 2nd $100 3rd $50


Roster / Match Rules

+ All players must use their registered Activision ID / game account+ No roster changes are allowed once registration has closed unless approved by the Tournament Director.
+ Players are expected to be on time for matches
+ If you are 10 minutes late to a match, your team will be removed from bracket
+ If you start your matches early without admin approval, you will be DQ'd
+ If you are tagged for a streamed match up, you must invite or add the Spectator names below:
- SkillshotMedia and SkillshotFTW
+ If your match is being streamed, breaks can be requested if before map 2 begins. Only a 3 min break is allowed.


Discord Areas

Please review the following areas as they are IMPORTANT!! Unless it's of very importance, please refrain from going into admins dms. Areas on discord may help basic questions you may have!

+ #atlopen-faq
+ #atlopen-event-chat
+ #atlopen-cw-team-names-n-discord
+ #atlopen-cw-round-and-maps
+ #atlopen-cw-stream-match-calling
+ #atlopen-cw-score-reporting
+ #atlopen-cw-streamer-channel
+ #atlopen-cw-disputes-no-shows



In game or out of game toxicity will not be tolerated. Toxicity is in reference towards race/religion/sex/cursing/threats or other derogatory terms. Teams will receive one warning, after warning will result in ban and DQ from the event Keep it classy and have fun!

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